Balham Mosque & Tooting Islamic Centre


Below is a brief history of how Balham Mosque and Tooting Islamic Centre were established and how, by the grace of Allah (SWT), we have developed to offer Islamic, educational and social services to the Muslims of South West London, including the wider community.

1969 - Ibadat khana (Makeshift place of worship) was established at a house in Tooting, SW17 with limited facilities for Madhresa by local Muslims.

1973 - 15 Laitwood Road was purchased,Prayer facilities were moved over and a small Madhresa, teaching Islamic studies was established.

1983 - Freehold property 47-51 Balham High Road, SW12 was purchased and converted to a Mosque. The facilities include Madhresawith capacity for 250 children, 5 times salaah and funeral arrangements. A Primary School, which follows the National Curriculum, with Islamic ethos was opened.

1993 - A 999 year lease of 145-147 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 was acquired, which was formally Mayfair Cinema. This was named Tooting Islamic Centre. The conversion from cinema to place of worship increased facilities to accommodate 1,000 musallis (Worshippers)and alleviated the inconvenience for musallis,having to travelfrom Tooting to Balham.Shortly after, the Primary School moved to Tooting Islamic Centre and a Secondary School for boys and girls was also established.

1994 - ‘Al-Risalah Education Trust’ was formed.

2004 - First purpose built Primary School, with Islamic ethos at Gatton Road, SW17, catering for 420 students was built with 90% funding from the Department of Education and a 10% contribution from local donors. The total project cost was £6.5m.

2005 - 33 acres of sports playing fieldswere acquired in Crystal Palace by Balham Mosque on a 999 year lease, with the view of establishing a Secondary Academy, with sports facilities.

2009- Expansion of the current Balham Mosque site was undertaken to increase and enhance facilities for worshippers, including facilities for ladies.

Al-Risalah Education Trust has now expanded to offer the following:

▪ Provision of Nursery education for up to 100 children at 10 Gatton Road, SW17

▪ Purpose built school VA status (Gatton Primary School) - two form entry for 420 students.

▪ 80 children from Gatton Primary School, who recently achieved outstanding recognition for their work in community cohesion from Ofsted

▪ Orchard Primary School, SW16. It was also recently awarded VA status.

▪ Gatton Primary School has been extended at Balham Mosque premises to accommodate overflow of students from Gatton Road.

It doesn’t stop here. In sha Allah we will continue to expand as the needs grow to provide more for our community.

We pray that Allah (SWT) accepts all our humble efforts and enables us to fulfil our objectives for the community. We kindly request your prayers and support in this endeavour.