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Providers of islamic, educational and social services to the Muslim community and a place for the wider community to learn about Islam.



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A study of Surah Hashr by Imam Khubaeb will be starting on Thursday 8th June after Maghrib salaah Insha'Allah

Our Services

Prayer Facilities

Balham Mosque and Tooting Islamic Centre offer prayer and wadhu facilities that can cater for over 1,000 men, women and children.


Balham Mosque & Tooting Islamic Centre both offer Islamic classes for children aged 5-15, Monday - Friday, 5pm - 7pm.


Both mosques offer provisions for official Nikkah (Islamic Marriage) ceremonies and certification.


We provide a fully comprehensive funeral service which covers everything from the moment of death to the burial.

Talks & Events

Weekly talks, circles and events held at both mosques to help the community develop their knowledge and love for the religion.


In order to benefit the community we work with local, national and international organisations, charities and authorities to help bring positive changes.

Meet The Imams

Our Imams are the backbone of the Masjid and community and not only are they responsible for leading the salah they are responsible for; running the Madrassah, day to day running of the mosque, engaging with the community, providing emotional and moral support, research, outreach activities and delivering talks and lectures.

Imam Munawwar Surti

Completed Hifdh in Surat, India

Graduate in Islamic Theology from Jamia Hussainiya, Rander, India

Imam Hamzah Patel

Completed Hifdh from Darul Uloom Zakariyya, South Africa

Graduate in Islamic Theology from Darul Uloom London

Imam Khubaeb Raja

Graduate in Islamic theology from Madinatul Uloom Al Islamiya, Kidderminster

Listen Live: Balham Mosque

Listen Live: Tooting Islamic Centre

Upcoming Events

By the grace of Allah (SWT) and the support of the community Balham Mosque and Tooting Islamic Centre have developed to offer Islamic, educational and social services to the Muslims of South West London, and the wider community.
Balham Mosque & Tooting Islamic Centre

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Qur’an, 2:261
Ali Nour
Ali Nour
31 January 2023
Clean and spacious with hudu facilities.
Sincerity Ruqyah
Sincerity Ruqyah
19 January 2023
Amazing mosque
M Adair
M Adair
21 December 2022
I have been using Balham mosque for over 40 years. Very comfortable, recently fully reconditioned and has a primary school too. Has lift facility for wheelchair and elderly etc.
25 November 2022
Great facilities, best place for Jummah Salah.

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